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My next single, “LOVE HAS TEETH” drops on April 12th at Midnight! Please pre-save the song and follow me on Spotify, and share it with everyone you know! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!  

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My single, “psychic” is out now! Stream the song using the button below, follow me on Spotify, add the song to your favorite playlists, and share it with everyone you know! Love is in the air, and you are my Love Bugs!  

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My debut single, “GROWING UP SUCKS” is finally here! Please follow me on Spotify, stream the song, add it to your favorite playlists and share it with everyone you know! Your support means the world to me!  

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The artist

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Lenox Monroe

Who is lenox monroe?

Lenox Monroe is a singer, songwriter, and storyteller who creates music to say what words alone cannot.

Flexing a mind-blowing four octave vocal range and the innate ability to perfectly adapt her singing style to nearly any genre, Lenox is a bit of a musical chameleon, though her personal writing style is best described as “theatrical alt-pop.”

Citing influences like Freddie Mercury, Lady Gaga, and Justin Furstenfeld, Lenox Monroe combines a gift for melody with raw, truthful, heartfelt lyrics, and delivers her songs with an emotional authenticity that connects her with her audiences. As a result, Lenox is quickly becoming a sought-after artist for venues, events, and special projects.

Lenox started singing and performing in elementary school, but she began writing her own music about five years ago following the death of her best friend.

She hopes to connect with and inspire others to remind them that they aren’t alone. She believes everyone has a story and deserves to be heard.

Lenox’s debut singles are out on all streaming platforms. Follow her social media for updates, music, and more.

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